How it feels to be Banned

After i played my whole childhood on my LoL-Account i finally made a big mistake im really really sorry for... i got Permabanned I played around 4000hours on this account and payed 574,50€ for RP and finally reached my goal this Season... Diamond :/ I know my behaviour in my last few games wasn't fair to other players it might have hurt them but i've already searched for them on OP.GG added them on my other account and told them how sorry i am i didn't want to be such a bad person i mean it only were some out of "million" games ive played on this acc ... I mean everyone can have a very bad day espacially if something bad happened ... and maybe i shouldnt have played games at 4am when i came home i wanted to distract myself go somewhere else... somewhere i am safe at and not have to think about what happens in real life League it's /was litterally my home since I was a kid i felt safe when reallife made me have depressive times...... Unluckily only the bad side of players is shown on bans i can have a few bad games and then get banned forever i always tried to be as nice as i can to other people i mean i've learned by my Mom how to treat others you dont know yet.. If you dont know someone treat them how you want to be treated. It was a big mistake by me a very big.... i wish i could go back in the past and tell myself not to play at those harsh days ... So i would do everything literally everything to get a 2nd Chance..... Now since i know how it feels to lose everything I would be even more carefull than i was already ... even if it would just be to reduce my ban to a 1 year ban or 2 year i would be so happy .... I could make a group for other peoples that have to join my group to reform maybe i can teach with others how to treat strangers in online games and how to be a nice guy. As i said LoL was and still is a big part of my life i rly would miss a big part ... It always was my dream to maybe become Pro and get in a good Esports Club... Well... sad greetings your very long-term and loyal Summoner Koroth ... R.I.P.
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