Permanently banned for flaming.

Ok so i know most of you are just going to say i deserve it and such but i need to rage about this somewhere. I have been playing League for years now, and have been purchasing RP fairly regularly throughout those years. I have received numerous chat bans for flaming and have finished every one. However i tried logging onto League today and it told me that i have been permanently banned. I don't feel this is at all fair as it was only for a bit of rage, of which was provoked the last few games by the never ending swarm of 8 year olds that seem to run this game now. I don't feed, troll or queue dodge and i still get permanently banned!? I have spent SO MUCH on this game over the years and this is how i get thanked? Riot sort your shit out. This game is going down hill and has been for a long time. It is this game that makes me rage, and i don't know why. You have turned what used to be a fun game you could enjoy with friends into a game that is almost fully competitive now, even if you're not playing in ranked! Im not saying i should be immune to bans or anything but a permanent ban for some rage? seriously? That's almost 4 years and god knows how much money wasted on a game that does not respect or care for its players or clientele in the slightest.
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