This game isn't fun anymore.

So, this is probably gonna come out as a complaining thread, but whatever. I don't know why, but I feel like this game becomes increasingly less fun. Every day that passes, I enjoy the game less, and I can't exactly figure out why. I don't believe that the game itself is the problem, or its balance state or whatever, moreso I feel that the problem are the players themselves. People tend to rage so hard lately, even at the slightest mistake, probably because the slightest mistake leads to big disadvantage that result into a lost game. People fail to understand basic concepts of the game, making it impossible to be played under certain do's and dont's. They never like to admit their mistakes and how it's because of them that certain games are lost, while flaming the person who has the worst KDA or something, and I will give you an example: Recently, I played an Elise jungle game, and while ganking bot lane at level 3, we ALMOST killed their enemy Sona. My bot lane had all summoners up, and based on the position of every champion at that current time, if my bot lane flashed in to AA once, the Sona would die. Instead, she escapes TWICE with less then 10 HP ( she found her W and Heal inbetween), yet my bot lane still refuses to use flash to finish off the kill. Because of that, I end up dying because I was tanking minions, and then Ashe (support) also died somehow, all while Varus (ADC) had heal up and Ashe had Exhaust up. Then they blame me for the gank working out. Because of that, and also because enemy Shaco stole my red buff (that I repeatdely asked Riven to ward for me), I fell behind really hard and my solo lanes kept dying 1v1. I tried to make things happen but I just couldn't and I ended up with 0/3 at 8 minutes, at which point my team "opened mid" and blamed me for it. Blamed the guy with the worst KDA because 1) Riven can't assist me when asked to, 2) bot lane doesn't do the basic things (flash in for a kill, use exhaust or heal to assist allies), 3) Lucian solo kills my mid laner at level 6 and then I die to him because he still had ult up. I watch the replays multiple times, and I can't really see how I could have done this any better without the team assisting me, after all it's supposed to be a team game, and all that happened in high gold - low plat elo, where some things should be taken for granted. Sometimes, I feel like the ranking system is completely busted. I see Platinum players that do not do the basic things in a game, thus making me (and probably a lot of other people) angry for the incompetence. I'd understand if this was Bronze, but higher up, you'd expect people to not be braindead. I keep rumbling, but I wanna get these things off my chest and I really hope someone out there reads this and keep reading to this point. It's really sad to see players raging hard over nothing, trolling (Anivia wallblocked - killed me 3 times), doing stupid things when you'd expect them to do otherwise. I believe that the punishment system should be much more strict. I can't understand how a guy that tells me "do not play Vayne top, take tanky top" and I say "no thanks", then he delibirately locks in Vayne SUPPORT to piss me, while telling me off "k, you won't play Vayne top then, cos I'm taking it" isn't getting some sort of punishment. I don't understand why Riot don't just allocate some staff to watch games / chat logs and punish people, actual punishment. People that ruin the game through such behaviors. Let's not forget that Riot has really %%%%ed up the ranking system. As I said above, I see players in a specific elo / division, and based on how they play the game (CSing, laning mechanics, itemization, runes, masteries etc etc) and I really wonder how they got there. And no, I'm not talking about some guy being 0/3 and unable to do anything. I believe you know the cases I'm referring to. Plat+ ADCs unable to farm, dodge SOME skillshots, react to ganks, position well in teamfights, dishing out DPS etc. You would expect some Plat+ ADC to at least know basic ADC things, but no, the ranking system seems so broken with al the boosts, that you can't really know who you are up against, even if you see their division on some site. SO many thoughts going through my head, but the game just becomes progressively less fun to play. Ranks are %%%%ed up, people's mindsets and behavior is childish and punishment isn't harsh, while rewarding someone for actual being kind and nice is non-existent. Riot needs to 1) clean up the game, behavior-wise. I don't need to get into games where I have to mute most people just to MAYBE have fun playing a single normal game. 2) They need to re-evaluate their ranking system. Somehow, make it so that people can climb even in a defeat. Why should I lose LP when some guy in my team DCs, or goes 0/4 at 6 minutes? The game becomes more frustrating, and I have talked with some of my friends, and they kinda experience the same things. There is no patience anymore, because most situations that arise in a game are negative, thus making it a negative experience overall. How can I be patient, when I probably know that someone is a dumbass who's gonna flame and troll and whatnot beforehand?
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