Instant restrictions for people who chat ingame "I feed now", then proceed to.

I've had 3 games in the past 12 hours where people have lost a lane, haven't had the slightest bit of "Flame" off the team then proceeded to let us all know they're going to intentionally feed. I know League is competitive, but this is so out of order that people can intentionally waste our time because they don't get their own way. This is our free time when we play this game, and those who actually announce they are going to feed should be instantly disciplined for it. I'd rather have someone who spews out horrendous chat all game that we can mute with one click than someone who is out to waste my free time. There shouldn't be warnings. This does not include people who have bad games. Some people genuinely do go 0/10/0 and are trying so hard but the ones who announce it then do it are on another level of idiot. Rant over.
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