HOW RIOT WORKS for FAMOUS like TYLER1 and not famous!

Hi there guys, i never do this kinda stuff but right now what happened to me is beyond imagine. Some years ago like s2 or something i played on esl and stuff here in portugal but because i was to addicted i sold my account and left RP to the guy who bought it to change the name, so far so good. 4 months later a friend came to me asking why i wasnt answering in LoL and i said "i sold my account" and he goes: "but you still named Zhayer". I got my account back and phone the guy that i would give him the money back but he didnt changed is name, and he was pretending to be me. He sent riot a picture of the site i was selling and my account got PERMA BANNED. 6 Months or so after the ban (i was playing with my 2nd account) i tried log in with my main and suddently I LOGGED o.o WOW! I started to play again with my main for more 4 or 5 months and then was a chat error that happened at the time and i emailed riot and they replyed me with this: "Your account is banned we dont know why was not." and i was the one that emailed them!...and the money i spent that 4 or 5 months in skins or champs WAS JUST STOLEN FROM ME...and they didnt even care what i had to say or anything at all. I stopped playing LoL for some years and RIGHT NOW came back (with 2nd account i had, the other still banned) I EMAILED RIOT ABOUT TYLER1 who got unbanned right? as far as i know my "mistake" of selling the account was less than ip ban that he got for being so toxic...they said was not same thing he is not in that accounts blablabla, but they still unbanned him. (correct me if im wrong pls). TODAY i got 14 day ban because of a game i was playing and there was a guy just feeding and flaming me...for no reason i was 10-4 as shaco.. i wrote something back 14 days ban...(ye i had 2 chat bans before this). My point is famous people are forgiven and shit for saying WORSE STUFF than i did, riot bans people for no %%%%ing reason BUT WHEN I WANT A REFUND THAT AS A CUSTUMMER YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO HAVE ANY REFUNDS AS YOU PLEASE, they say: "i can not do that for you because you have 0 refunds" or day take 4 days or a week to answer and u just used your skin 1 time and then: "we cant refund because the iten was used" so its because was used or because you have 0 refunds??!??! as far as i know when you have refunds is not because you used the iten once that is unrefundable (again correct me if im wrong). This was the end of League of Legends for me, to much stress, to much bans for almost anything, stealing money from people because if i cant play my money is stuck there and ye..and they dont even warn you that the next "ban" is not a chat ban but ye. PS: I started to play on the sad this company turned out like this. Please leave your comments...
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