Banning unworthy teammates

So I just was flamed by a 3 man premade for 'being afk', 'not helping the team' and the usual 'noob' and 9x report, report this player, etcetera. Now I agree I was not always there with the team... because they kept going in 3v5, chasing through the pitch dark jungle and such things more. I muted them after the first flame and unmuted them to see if they were still at it. They were(what was I expecting anyway). I sometimes wonder what is wrong with certain members of this community and it just really pisses me off. This match could've been a lot of fun. Muting serves it purpose well, but I still really don't want to see some players back. Sometimes I wish that was an option. I would not care if I had to wait a little longer just to get matched with these flamers again. Reading up some older posts of the boards learns that this system is not an option because it could be abused in ranked. Just 'ban' every player you think is bad and not ban every good player and thus get matched with average better players. Besides that after a while I guess it would all pile up and make queues extremely lenghty. Now I was wondering: what if the system has already given a certain player a punishment. The player has proven that his behaviour is not in line with the code. **What if you can actually 'ban' these players who have already proven themselves unworthy teammates?** Perhaps there need to be a certain 'reset' system in place, to unban players who have improved their behaviour, or to unban after a certain period of time. To make sure there is no unfairness in the ranked games and the 'banned' playerlist doesn't pile up. A max to the number of banned players would also serve this purpose. You can ban a max of *add random number here* players of which you never ever wanna see again. This I think would hardly influence ranked games, at least not in the lower elo's because there's a lot of players there. For the higher ranked maybe the system needs to be adapted. But that aside I really wonder if it would work. Any thoughts? TLDR: What if summoner A could ban toxic summoner B from his games if the system has already given B a punishment and B has thus proven himself to be an unworthy teammate? Like a blacklist. Would it work?
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