"Hitler" is censored?

It's understandable you'd censor the name "Hitler", but it doesn't make sense not to stop there. It seems hypocritical to censor "Hitler", but not "Adolf" "Osama" (Bin Laden, or other variations) "Kadhafi" "Yakubu Gowon", "Mengistu Haile Mariam", "Hillary Clinton", "Kim Il Sung", "Pol Pot", "Ismail Enver Pasha", "Hideki Tojo", "Leopold II of Belgium", "Jozef Stalin", "Mao Zedong". Just to name a few people that caused suffering to millions. It just seems weird to not censor these names, when Mao Zedong has actually got a greater killcount than Adolf Hitler. I don't understand the meaning of this hypocrisy. I'd say either censor the names of all murderous politicians or censor none.
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