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I really don't know why some of you (sorry for generalizing) play this game. For me personally it's because I love improving myself in anything. League is a game where strategy, tactical insight and champion mastery gets you far in this game. Thus it's the perfect game for me. Some of you are either born pessimists or had your balls kicked in. Some background before my immature rant: I play normal draft to improve my play so that next season i can get gold V even quicker. I already achieved gold V months ago and now solely focus on improving my play on other roles besides ADC. Now I'm playing Twisted Fate as a midlaner. I know, I know, not that lane dominant but what I love about Twisted fate is, is that he keeps being relevant no matter how much you suck. you don't need a 7kda to help your team out or to stand out. His ultimate provides so much map control that you can, despite being 0/3/0, still come to bot lane for a surprise gank, get a kill on the adc and then get the turret. I most of the time go exhaust on twisted fate for two reasons: - I'm new to TF so winning my lane is unlikely, so why pick ignite when you can barely cs? - Exhaust is better in the late game, which is precisely what I'm aiming for. It's for rotation play: Yellow card and then exhaust is devastating. Not only that but you can shutdown the enemy carry with just one press of a button. Finally, it's good for baits. ultimately, i just prefer exhaust on TF. Now: I get in a game where everything seems to be going alright. I'm not doing all that well but still hanging on and not feeding. But for some reason, our Jungler, which is sion, goes into mid and intentionally feeds. This escalates the lead that the blue team has. This blue team has Leblacn, Gangplank and Master yi; If they get fed, I'm boned. Ultimately, Sion died 17 times. After the game, he starts to blame everything on me and mordekaiser (i know, we lost with a mordekaiser on our team, i'm sorry). Saying that mord isn't an adc, that I fed in this game and barely did any damage. Okay a few things i want to say about that: 1. Mordekaiser is SUPER op so Sion must have been living under a rock for the last few months. 2. Someone with 17 deaths which obviously has the most deaths in the game, shouldn't be pointing fingers about "feeding" 3. Can't really do much damage when a 12/5/13 yi, a 24/5/10 leblanc and a 12/0/17 gangplank are in play. Master yi with exhaust on, killed me with two basic attacks. 4. You really want to shift blame on someone else when you OBVOUSLY know what you were doing was wrong? How childish, ignorant and much of an asshole must you be to intentionally be feeding and still believe you didn't do anything wrong and THAT I AM THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE BANNED? Lastly: I'm not saying that I belong in challenjour, I have a lot of things to learn about Twisted Fate, I need to get better at him FOR SURE. Which is EXACTLY why I'm in normal draft! To LEARN and to see why I PERSONALLY messed up. But it really gets to me when someone in a NORMAL DRAFT, feels like they are so good that they can intentionally feed and still believe that they are not the ones who lost us the game. /rant

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