Feeding bully is threatening lifes.

Hello guys. First, I should appologize for my English (I'm Russian living in Bulgaria). So main support is the pain, but I've abbandoned my comfort zone and got myself to Gold and decided to return to my mains. It was a hard day, I had bad luck today. Jinx was running forward and Lee was always solo somewhere in the depth of jungle, then we got afk Xin, and then I've dodged select because of Soraka mid... You can understand, I wasn't amused already. I've decided to get another try. So we've started new game with my friend - he's top, I'm support. I saw this random guy picked Draven and I've locked Nami. We've got enemy Zilean and Lucian botlane. What happened next was Draven catching every ability and flaming on me I didn't do anything, however my heal saved him, I just missed bubble because of Lucian's dash. He started to swear immidiatelly, so I've muted him. After it he dived Lucian completely out of my range, because I was going from the base, pressed flash and heal, got 2 bombs and stun and died one more time. Few times I was roaming to help jungler or midlaner and everytime there was kill for Lucian or Zilean. When all team declared that he's should be troll - why would you run into enemies repeatetly without any reason for agressive game? - I've stopped to come bot and helped my other teammates. It's better if Lucian will get only one kill instead of doubles everytime when I'll run towards Draven to hopelessly try to safe him... Lucian was legendary and we've surrended by 4 decisions. I've reported Draven for flame and feed, but then I've noticed chatroom. And I thought "Maybe this guy has bad day or something?" - I don't know why I like to speak with upset players sometimes to know why they're behaving like they're or just trying to cheer people up. But this threatening also made me really curious about this guy. Long story short, I was hardly bullied in my teen age, and I receive strange messages on social medias sadly often. It made me kinda immune to such behavior, also I've developed kinda trolly speaking towards people like this, so I can answer untypically for distraction and my own amusement by reactions. In the screenshot you can see the guy, his messages in chat room and our conversation. I'm not easily offensive person, actually, I even started conversation with "where do you live?" to see is he brave enough to tell and giggled really hard on this "ip finding killer" - I even told him adress next to our workshop instead (it's blurred here), even went further to see all (unfortunatelly) typical reaction with "uglyness" and my mom involved. He was boring for me. But what about other people who isn't so resistable of such behavior? Why we can't do anything about such rude players to isolate them from the others? If I can get him banned - I would be happy to share info about him with Riot. People like this shouldn't play in our mostly good community. Have a nice day and be possitive guys! Even if you're tilting don't be such guy. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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