This is funny and crazy O,o.

Hello lovely summoners, I know this is not that important also for me it isn't, but i had to post it, i was playing as a support {{champion:45}} with a {{champion:202}} in our team vs a {{champion:119}} Plat and a {{champion:40}}, At first all was OK then he died 2 times and i told myself, OK top and mid need help our jungler is getting rekted lets roam, so i get at least 10 kills and everyone is pushing and some of them are dying ({{champion:202}} ) at some point i though Hmm-mm {{champion:202}} is starting to play aggressive and dying is he inting or not, so i continue i get 22 kills or so and we lose with {{champion:202}} staying at base and saying toxic stuff, we get in the end room i say gg wp i actually had fun ({{champion:45}} is a noob champ tbh) and then it starts the toxic stuff again so i talk with him i dont care if he insults me but then, i started laughing so much cuz he starts saying stuff like "you are a weeb" "go fap with you body pillow" i couldn't stop laughing so i just decided to share some toxicity with you all. Have a great day everyone, PS: Dont get tilted when someone roams and get more kills than you shit happens it was a normal xD

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