Honor vs Report

---- This is a copy paste of my 6 month old topic --- ---- I stopped playing League 6 months ago and ---- ---- came back 2 weeks ago. I don't flame at all---- ---- at this point, and I enjoy League much more---- ---- if anyone is having problems with League just ---- ---- take a break and come back after a few months ---- ---- you'll care less about flamers, trolls etc. ---- ---- lets get back to the main topic now ---- > Hello Summoner! I'd really appreciate you reading the whole thread. > Please not that this is not me crying. This is just an idea from a Summoner. So sometimes I'm a player you wish you'd have every game. And sometimes I'm a player that you'd wish is permanently banned from this game. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I can have a troll, a flamer, bad team. Anything. And I won't say a word, I'll stay coo. Sometimes someone makes a small mistake and I'll flame the shit out of him. I'd say I'm an average player, and that I'm a good player more than I'm a bad player. I've flamed much more in the past, but I kinda stopped it since I grew up a little and realized there's no point in it. But still sometimes I flame like I'm 15 again :/ .. And that happens in 1 out of 20 games. Yes, I know it shouldn't happen at all, but I can't control my mood (dont judgerino). So I get reported that 1 game. Get chat restricted. I don't earn rewards. I get honored 19 games. I earn nothing. Literally. I have never earned anything for my behaviour (but a CR). And that feels wrong. It just like this: If you're bad we'll punish you. If you're good, well, nothing. "But hey! You weren't good, you said you flame sometimes", Yeah I do, but as I said it is really rare. And if I had some better reason to not flame than just it depending on the outcome of the game(yeah thats actually what matters the most, I know) and getting a chat restriction, maybe I wouldn't flame at all. A good example to prove my point is that since these Champion masteries level 6 & 7 are here. I really tryhard at farming. Getting a good score. Dying less and I focus more on the game. And that is good. I like that Riot added it. Imagine if it was same for behaviour. You didn't flame. You very a good honorable teammate. You get rewards. And I'm not talking about a fkn summoner icon on the end of the season. I mean rewards every game. Everytime you get honored or something. Like a small amount of IP. Or you earn Honor points which you can exchange some stuff in shop or use it for hextech crafting. I mean there is so much that can be done to make people stop flaming. But only bad things are done. Bans, chat restrictions, warning. And for good behaviour its a fkn summoner icon once per year. Like, who the %%%% cares about a summoner icon. > TL;DR > Rewards for good behaviour, honor points, a currency like IP with which you can buy stuff or use it in hextech crafting

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