getting fed up of being banned

fed up of being banned now 25 game chat restriction and yet its ok for people to afk, cost matches and troll in games riot your a %%%%ing joke. Game 1 In-Game Blakex13x: how stupid are you jynx Blakex13x: useless again all of you well plated Blakex13x: played Blakex13x: uninstall ffs Blakex13x: garbage bot lane and jungler ff Blakex13x: gg Blakex13x: will do Blakex13x: omfg your bad Blakex13x: can you all report bot lane and jungler please ffs Blakex13x: because of you both times Blakex13x: idiot Blakex13x: flamer Blakex13x: speak for yourself Blakex13x: no drakes Blakex13x: no ganks Blakex13x: nothing your useless Blakex13x: your welcome Blakex13x: another lost drake Blakex13x: why not help the lanes Blakex13x: mid open jungler not helping Blakex13x: why are you going back? Blakex13x: wp jynx Blakex13x: go back to draft Blakex13x: report this troll jungler Blakex13x: why press no ffs Blakex13x: all 3 trolls Blakex13x: report jungler and bot they are feeding and wont press yes on ff Blakex13x: omfg Blakex13x: not one objective please go back to draft and loearn how to jungle ffs Blakex13x: can you all report bot lane and jungler please ffs Blakex13x: i was winning my lane thanks ;) Blakex13x: YES Blakex13x: because of jungler Blakex13x: not me Blakex13x: as usual i die because of someone else Blakex13x: learn how to jungle and bot lane go back to draft all of you are pathetic this is ranked ffs Blakex13x: you should know what your doing Blakex13x: stop farming lux your suport ffs Blakex13x: you have fed all gmae and so has your adc go back to draft your pathetic Blakex13x: see look how bad you are Blakex13x: end please and report this team for flame and feeding thanks Blakex13x: gg better team without trolls wins Blakex13x: oh look on baron Blakex13x: still no drakes no nothing Blakex13x: not really 3 trolls Blakex13x: xin learn how to jungle Blakex13x: before you even open you mouth Post-Game Blakex13x: repot bot lane and jungler please Game 2 In-Game Blakex13x: go back top Blakex13x: go back ffs Blakex13x: said go bafck Blakex13x: stop feedin top Blakex13x: all report top ffs Blakex13x: wp top Blakex13x: i am actually Blakex13x: says a talon who cant do nothing Blakex13x: great team wp Blakex13x: top yea Blakex13x: how about shut up and learn your own champ Blakex13x: same as the jungler is useless yet another one Blakex13x: wp top Blakex13x: nice feed Blakex13x: they wont Blakex13x: noob top and jungler Blakex13x: yes really no ganks no drakes no nothing yet again Blakex13x: yes learn how to jungle Blakex13x: report top and jungle actually Blakex13x: i am actually iam playing safe unlike top Blakex13x: and still you press no Game 3 In-Game Blakex13x: can you all rpeort support they afked Blakex13x: so why chase? Blakex13x: report support Blakex13x: we will lose lp because of this Blakex13x: ffs Blakex13x: can you all seriously report this damn support gonna lose lp now Blakex13x: gg and report support Blakex13x: you stupid? Blakex13x: cant do nothing Blakex13x: why press no? Blakex13x: ffs Blakex13x: you serious? Blakex13x: mid open end please they wont press ff Blakex13x: please Blakex13x: third game now because of trolls Blakex13x: why press no Blakex13x: can you all report adc not pressing no Blakex13x: no drakes all game either Blakex13x: end please Blakex13x: learn how this game works Blakex13x: its 4 vs 5 funny how you dont also ban other players i ban funny that isnt it?? always me who gets banned fix your game you know what %%%% you im uninstalling not gonna waste my time.
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