I just got 30 minutes ban cuz a troller picked soraka top

Wow im so angry!!!!!!! I was assigned support and someone picked yas jng so I asked him not to play yas and then I banned yas.So he picked ZILEANNNNNNN JNGGGG!!!!! WTF?!??!!! So I exit cuz it was ranked and I dont want to lose LP cuz some kid at home is bored. So I got the usual 5 mins ban. Then I entered another game where someone picked yas top!!! So again I asked nicely but fortunately-the mid player took yas and I was happy,then the top player picked SORAKAAAAAAAA (?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!) so I exit again and got **30 MINUTES BAN**!!! This is not fair! First-why should 4 ppl suffer and losing cuz some player is bored or idk and second-I just saved a bad game for 9 ppl and I should get punished for that?!?!? just 3 words- W T F ?!
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