New lvl of reporting trolls/inters/griefers

There could be an option like there is on - something like making shot, but in a different way. You see someone making disco nunu on mid, or going 0:15 on purpose? In game there could be an option, where you click on the target (in tab menu or somewhere in esc menu) to command your client to record someone's gameplay for 30-60 second. When the game ends, in lobby you can send the video directly to Riot Games. It might cost Riot a little bit more, because a couple of new employers would be necessary to watch these records and judge players. - for sure there would be some false videos showing nothing special. Riot Games can "ban" people for a couple of days/weeks from using this system, if someone abuse it in improper way. - you can send only one video from one game - proved trolling would cause instant permban w/o any discussion It's just my idea since i know it's hard to report a whole 40 min game directly via support ticket (it takes some time/most of people have no time for doing that/there is only a small chance someone seriously gonna read and check that and even less chance this troll get punished) Share your opinions.

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