Why does riot ignore trolls but bans the ones who flames them

Hi i would like to discuss something that is bothering me for a quite some time and i think it's really affecting the gameplay and the community it produces toxicity and it can't be helped i would write a ticket but that would be a waste of time so i just made a thread here to get some opinions because i ain't getting riot's attention anyway... So let me get started.. First of all let me point out something , we are the weakest community that could possibly exist we don't have a voice and riot doesn't give a single ****, that's my opinion from the answers i get to my tickets and that's why i decided to make a thread here instead looking for someone who understands me , the only thing that provided some power to the humble peasants (community) was the tribunal and they removed it .... so let me get to the point.. i've been playing since S2 a.k.a 5 years or so , there was always that complain that "my teams i noob" and stuff like that but this 2 last seasons the toxicity of your city has reached a whole new level because there is no way to report someone for refusing to play and/or trolling even if there is a way to report someone for trolling it's not effective NOT at all it simply exists and the reports are ignored , how do i know that ? i found a couple of trolling accounts (actually 2) and i kept an eye on them for a while and i noticed that they don't get banned , they had like 5 out of 7 troll games ..... that automatically means that there is no punishment for boosted accounts which is another problem ... the amount of boosted accounts is far above acceptable and it's really annoying .... anyway back to the main thread i'm not blaming the ones who flame (i used to be a flamer myself) because there is NO OTHER WAY to express them selfs , i don't understand why Flaming is illegal but trolling is legal The game is competitive !!!!! You can't expect players to hug each other I know it's difficult for the rioters to know if someone is refusing to play seriously and/or is trolling but i think players in-game have enough IQ to figure it out and their reports should be trusted ... It's really heartbreaking when you try so hard and give everything you have and someone in your team doesn't take it seriously and if you try to argue nu-uh you are the one getting reported , when that happens i really give up on life i go lay on the couch and while i stare at the ceiling i think of all the ways i could kill that guy :D And it's not only that... the punishments for toxic players are so heavy .... first of all i don't understand the reason you get banned for flaming ... **This is the reasons you lose games : ** _YOUR MISTAKES 25% YOUR TEAMATES MISTAKES 10% LACK OF TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION 40% PICKS_ 15% DC/AFK _9,9% TALKING SHIT IN CHAT 0,1%_ There is a LITERALLY a --->MUTE<---- button and there is the ---->CHAT BAN<------ punishment that's enough if riot really wants to make a better community that's not the correct way to do it, exterminate all the toxicity by making players FEAR the permaban ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **And now a little bit of whining cause i got permaban:** I Was on my way to quit flaming and i was improving there was a lot of people raging and telling me to get cancer and my answer was "om ok w/e you say muted tard..." and someone might come up and say "oh why did you call him a retard you deserve the ban" coughing sound maybe because he told me to get cancer? duh... it might be immature but is it ban worthy ? and if it's ban worthy is the permaban the correct punishment ? this is a very detailed version of the text i got from riot http://prntscr.com/bg3a5y I Don't even argue with people who didn't flame me and those games were like the 3 out of 10 games i played i wish i could show you the full chat so you can see that i'm telling the truth I have 3000 hours on my account , i spend 150 euro on the account (i'm not rich so it's a lot money for me) all my memories all my good times they are on this account all my friends i can even say that a part of my life is that account and i randomly got banned cuz of this.... i'm really disappointed
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