first time EVER in 8 years that i ragequit

why i create this post? idk i just have to rant. even if i get hated for this, i dont care. i have to rant for my own mental health. 6th arurf in a row where i get trolled today. and yes i mean literally trolled. where teammates watch me do elder and the enemys steal it, my team literally watching and dancing not doing anything. people managing to go 0/9 before the 3minute mark. 2 premades i got matched with FIVE TIMES insulting me every game. and yes of course i muted them, but they somehow got others to look at my match history and then flame me aswell. i reported these 2 in 4 games, cant report them in the 5th as i ragequit. of course nothing happened to them. while nothing will happen to me either (since this is my first afk this entire season), its just sad how people can literally bully you into a state of depression. i've been playing lol since 8 years, i played in every rank from bronze to plat (dont ask how) and i NEVER had a moment where i said to myself okay i have to leave this game because these people are making me so %%%%ing mad, i actually feel how this is bad for my current state of health. im a person who saw some really dark depressing shit irl, stuff most people hopefully never have to see but i became good at not letting get that shit to me. but these 2 premades and the randoms they somehow managed to pull on their side actually managed to penetrate my shell and stab me right in the heart and brain. and i dont even care if they get punished or not (i just mentioned so far they didnt as they were still using all chat), as i said i will most likely get hated because this is how the community is. this thread is just for me to let my %%%%ing anger out before i go to bed now. good night everyone and i wish you from the bottom of my heart, that you get friendly teammates and enemys and can enjoy your games. because this feeling of literally getting bullied out of a game you like is horrible. its an awful feeling and my day is ruined.
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