Unfair tribunal

I've noticed that whenever i report extrelemy toxic, negative, racist, homophobic, sexist etc. people through the in-game report button or by writing a support ticket, they don't get punished at all and happily keep on playing games. Meanwhile I'm sitting here, just using the F-word in an innocent way in my team chat when I die to the enemy jungler and I get banned. No chat restriction or ranked restriction, just instant ban. Is this justice? Why do toxic people not get banned, but people who try to alter their teams behaviour and just use some innocent swear words do get banned? Riot please get rid of the automatic unjust tribunal system and make it so that real people go over cases again so they can see who the real culprit is. As proof, here is the chat log that got me banned, I was playing Talon versus Ahri and there was a Diana jungle in enemy team, all of this except the "gg wp please report ....." Was in team chat: stfu fkin ahri FUCKING DIANA ALWAYS AAAAAAAALWAYS bot let them push I'm gna camp the sht out of your lane i know diana just makes me tilt ty diana balanced dont sleep next time stfu SO? GOD I AM SO SICK OF PPL IN THIS ELO GIVING UP AFTER 1 DEATH CAN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND JUST PLAY ofc I take tp on talon ignite is a useless summoner gj ignite is onl;y useful the first 10 mins of the game dive ? dat red buff tho what 300 dmg from a shield hmm seems balanced do you see me 2 shotting people at lvl 6? cuz I sure don;'t this lucian won't let me play how I want lol nah like your mom kek says the flamer :D 1 silence on diana and she's done I mean garen.. is long enough for me to kill her take top omw bot got tp don't make me mute you too all this negativity pfff bla bla bla bla bla report garen and lucian for spamming and negative attitude diana bot garen flashed in then ran away lol wtf our frontline dissappeared me and lucian could've melted them all but garen ran care baron gg wp report garen and lucian for negative attitude and flaming The garen and lucian kept being negative and flaming, but i say the F word and get banned and they don't...
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