why are you matching me with people who have a 32 percent win rate?

why my win rate is over 50 percent to a massive break from this game just to come back and dominate into kayn and ruin all my games mvp most matches and yet here i am close to silver one and for the last 5 games you have given me team mates that are garbage and have no idea how to cs, look at the damn mini map and why they have a 16 percent win rate and why the %%%% are you matching me with these people for??? i want to climb why is your match making putting me with this imbeciles why!!!!!! if i get demoted again because of other %%%%%%s that pick akali into renekton and use grasp of the undying or a lucian with a disgusting cs or 58 at the end of the match do yourself a favour riot, instead of making pretty new skins how about fixing your damn match making im sick of it. lol this gets downvoted lol what a pathetic bunch lol.
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