How did i lost my honnor?

So recently i have got a 10 game chat restirct, and of course lose my honnor, i send a ticket to Riot and there we have the Blame i gave: Blaming others: [5:32] Draxsuo (Kalista): wtf [5:32] Draxsuo (Kalista): is this [5:37] Draxsuo (Kalista): braum [5:39] Draxsuo (Kalista): u dont have shield ?» [10:42] Draxsuo (Kalista): You talk to much [10:45] Draxsuo (Kalista): i just said [10:47] Draxsuo (Kalista): u didnt shield me [24:45] [All] Draxsuo (Kalista): AADASHASd [24:46] [All] Draxsuo (Kalista): AHAHAHA [24:59] [All] Draxsuo (Kalista): what a shield was that [8:05] Draxsuo (Tristana): where did u go [8:46] Draxsuo (Tristana): ffs [8:47] Draxsuo (Tristana): nami [8:47] Draxsuo (Tristana): why [8:48] Draxsuo (Tristana): did u die [8:49] Draxsuo (Tristana): there [9:07] Draxsuo (Tristana): :| [9:11] Draxsuo (Tristana): dude [9:13] Draxsuo (Tristana): lee [9:16] Draxsuo (Tristana): isnt there [9:19] Draxsuo (Tristana): was your fault [9:21] Draxsuo (Tristana): thats it [9:25] Draxsuo (Tristana): bye I wanna ask to you if u see there anything? To u know the theme of the 1º game and 2º there will go: 1º game: I asked if my braum have a shield to protect me, he flames me and i said: You talk to much i just said u didnt shield me. After that the "AADASHASd" was a Thresh out played me whit a hook and a W+Solari Shield 2º game: My Nami go to jungle and die i asked why she did that.. after that she said was jungler fault "lee sin" she starts flaming my and i said bye.. So please tell em where did i flame? I didnt be agressive to anyone i just talked about facts in game. In summary: First game, i asked for a shield of Braum Second game, Nami suicide, flames Lee, and i said bye ? This is reason for i lose my honnor ?
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