Toxic attitude in low level accounts.

It's unplayable in low level accounts, people that are permbanned started with their new account and starts flaming people again. Sometimes they feed on a negative way and quits, and sometimes they start trolling and spamming the surrender button. Its just unfun when you play 5vs4, and have to deal against a fed player.. Im very tired, Yeah i know i have to mute them but you cant mute the troll, or quiters.. Im lvl 14 but i have to lane against a lvl 30 player when our toplaner is also a lvl 30 player but he dont even play serious.. he went 3-14 and never talked in chat. I feel bad for the new players, they have to deal with the toxic players... just very sad. And reports does nothing against them.. I reported like 30 people and 1 of them get banned. It happens Literally every game! Sorry for bad english but let Riot do something..
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