Tips for Low Elo Bronze/Silver

Im a veteran player im playing since begin of season 2, I just want to give some helpful tips. The more important in this game its the map you need to ward your lane and pay attention at another lanes to see if the enemy is missing or not. You will not like a DARK MAP, because you cant see where the enemy is if they are missing. You can train this tips in normal games. TOP LANER (If you are a top laner) Always ward the river bush but you need to pay attention if the enemy jungler go for behind. The best option is to kill crab if your jungler doesnt do that. Or you can put a control at the back bush to not get caught from behind. You need to pay attention to mid if the enemy is missing you just look bot lane and see if your bot team mates are pushing. If not, 90% of the hypothesis you will get ganked if you are pushing so much. So just let the minions push and go back at least to tower. Or if you are good you can hide in the top bushes the first one close to your tower and wait to them appear in your warded bushes and try to trap them. If you are getting a hard lane, if you can, try to roam mid to help your team mate then return to your lane. And if you need mana try to go river and pick some "I do that when im playing singed". MID LANER (If you are a mid laner) Mid lane it´s a fun lane you can counter so easy the enemy team you just need to ward the 2 bush and pay attention to them and you are good. If you only have 1 ward and if you payed attention to map, you could see the last time where their jungler was, so if their jungler was bot you can put a ward at the bush to river bot and play in that side and you can put a control in the river bush where the crab is. Becarefull they can rotate to top bush and gank. You can do this trick to top bush aswell. And the most important thing is to roam to the lane who needs more help "GG TEAMWORK". JUNGLE (If you are a jungler) Huuuuummmm, a bit hard to master. You can help your lanes putting wards where is need. If you can gank early choose a hard lane and gank it when you get lvl 3 and try to give the first blood to your team mate. Get lvl 3 and counter enemy jungler If you begin at blue you need to kill it fast and next kill the frog then do the crab and go to the enemy red but only if he started on blue. "I do that with Shaco, Xin, WW and Nocturne", I like to wait for them a bit in the red bush and when they appear I steal with my smite, because I dont have time to kill red before they appear, and you can kill him too he will not have to much health. And you can ping to your team if you saw the enemy jungler or some enemies in your warded map. BOT LANE ADC Last hit the minions is all you can do in early game and wait for your supp poke, and put some wards too. Supp The hardest role in game, is the one who will carry the adc. Allways put wards, wards, wards and more wards. I can get 60 vision points in 25/30 min. Early game you need to put ward in the bot bush river, and pay attention to map. You can ping to your allies aswell. You cant let your adc die and you need to make the kills for him. Supps are the tanks with CC and the healers and not mid laners because they are more squishis then adc ;). Now I will talk in GENERAL. WARDS (not only the supp who need to put it) For a full map control you and your team need to put it. WHERE TO WARD (images) I found that at google [How to ward]( The worst thing I see in low elo is following the low health enemy until get killed by 4 or 5. Never do that, if you cant kill him just let it go you will kill him next time so relax and go farm or help the team. Do not leave the teamfight to do that is more important to help in fight than to lose the game because that error. This is a game you will win and lose do not be toxic that only will end in a big defeat and maybe you could win that game. Because people do not block and only chat to defend them selfs so "dont start a fight and you will win more". Thanks RIOT for that TIP. Well there you have some basic tips, see you in game. GL & HF
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