Plea to RIOT

Okay , here is the problem with which im appealing to RIOt to get in hands and do something . Its about the toxicness of the game. So i see you ppl get tilted and start flaming , but there is a limit to how much you can curse someone , you can say %%%% you 23 times or that you will %%%% my mom , sister or whatever , but _when someone starts flaming and wishing cancer _ its just way too much. I dont know how and what you are gonna do about it , but its serious its not something you should wish someone so non-chalantly and its something awful , just do something , permaban , 14 ban , 3 day ban whatever just i wanna this flamers get punished and not only by staying in low priority queue for 5 games or smth like that... It is just unreal , as I said I can take someone swearing on the normal levels but this is just too much. And for the people that will tell me just to mute , welp its an option I agree but it happened to me 2 or 3 times I didn't mute the players and they started this exact flaming , I can't take it every second player being toxic on such a level. :)
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