After only a week of playing LoL I can't enjoy the game anymore because of player behaviour

Every single game there those players that just lock without talking, that flame every single time something goes bad, troll intentionally because they think it's funny and more. I just can't enjoy playing this game because of the players I am facing in my and the enemy teams. Everytime they kill you it's "GG EZ NOOB" Everytime you kill them it's "lagggg" or "OP CHAMP" or "LUCKER" I haven't had a single game where I could enjoy playing without anyone trolling or offending anyone and if I tell them to stop the only thing I get is "reported" or "stfu" and nothing ever happens to them. They don't get banned or anything I see some of them again just a few games later doing the same and I wonder how long it'll take until I can't take it anymore and start flaming myself or even quit the game. If any new players read this that face the same problems maybe we can arrange to play together so there are less of those guys in our games.
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