It has been the most Riot Games start of the season ever

Hey kids! New season, anything is possible, right? Wrong. Start of the season 10 has been literally the perfect storm of trolls, afk's and intentional feeders. I have so far played 21 matches on 3 accounts, all of them have had the exact ratio of trolls per game. The game is dying folks, Riot Games does no give a %%%% about the player base. If there is any justice in the world, the team that runs Ranked match making will all one day wake up, have the burning urge to fly to any third world country and spend the rest of their lives there helping the people in need. Digging wells. Building schools. Do anything but continue to %%%% this game up with literally the worst match making system there has ever been in any game. No-one wants you to continue. You tried your best, and failed miserably. Stop. Get help.
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