Is the game enjoyable for you?

Recently I have started to feel like I'm burning out but it is not happening because of the champion balance or balance overall but because of the people that play this game. Everyone just keeps flaming even for a smallest mistake or if something happens which they don't like. I just played a game in which there were 3 premades(judging by the language they spoke they were Czech). One of them(Zac) was in the jungle while the other two(Blitzcrank and Caitlyn) were at bot lane. The thing is that Zac refused to gank any lane other than bot lane, spammed pings on me randomly in the game, and when I asked him to gank he told me "i wont come gang u %%%%%%" while the bot laners never warded, pushed and refused to go back and let the Katarina(which was my enemy) kill them even though I basically spammed the missing and danger pings. The Blitzcrank started flaming me how I am useless, how Katarina is much better she came 5 times(she did only once at that time) while I never came and after the game told everyone to report me because I was "troling, inting and all negative", while the Zac said "4x report at least this stupid polish kid(hell I'm not even Polish). Games like this seriously make me stop liking League and also make me want to quit and go and hang myself. EDIT:Sorry if this is the wrong section but it is about the players I guess so, yeah.
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