SoloQ is frustrating and depressing.

I was 86lp silver 5 today morning and I decided to rank up. After 5 matches I realised i was 0lp because i lost 5 matches in a row. Afk's, trolls, flamers... In one of these 5 there were 3 afk's. And my question is. What the fuck did I do to deserve such team mates? Last match we almost won an impossible 4v5 because rumble left from the 15 min after saying i go troll and giving couple of free kills to the top laner. But its 4v5 and a simple mistake by your teammates ruins it. My idea is to create a system where trolls, afk's, flamers and people with 20 mins loadscreens match with similar people. I almost never flame, blame, afk, troll and such but im still matched with them. Anyway any suggestions for some good new games? I'm looking for an action game to replace LoL but google is retarded.
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