Unfair ban

I got a 14 days ban after having been mass reported by players in 2 particular games where i supposedly had "abusive behaviour" Here are the transcripts Pre Game Lobby: In Game: JuliettexJustine: i can't 1 v 3 JuliettexJustine: help me ffs JuliettexJustine: a JuliettexJustine: and how did you feed thresh top this much JuliettexJustine: %%%%ing troll JuliettexJustine: i bet you're trolling because we banned ivern JuliettexJustine: and aatrox votes no surr JuliettexJustine: ofc the troll wants the game to last as much as possible JuliettexJustine: why ping me JuliettexJustine: you don't erven hit qs JuliettexJustine: you are bad af eve JuliettexJustine: ... JuliettexJustine: i bet it's eve and aatrox that voted no JuliettexJustine: you can't even 1 v 2 JuliettexJustine: so %%%%ing bad JuliettexJustine: and ofc you pretend a janna to 1 v 3 JuliettexJustine: and you don't want to surr JuliettexJustine: just admit you're trolls JuliettexJustine: and now she's afk JuliettexJustine: you can't stay afk JuliettexJustine: you're bad JuliettexJustine: you never hit q JuliettexJustine: never JuliettexJustine: this entire team should be banned JuliettexJustine: you can't be this bad JuliettexJustine: %%%%ing iron level plays JuliettexJustine: losing to thresh top JuliettexJustine: are you first time or what eve? JuliettexJustine: you're litterally iron level JuliettexJustine: i'm not healing you JuliettexJustine: it's a waste of r JuliettexJustine: i'll heal you when you'll learn how to hit a q JuliettexJustine: go afk already JuliettexJustine: lol JuliettexJustine: and ofc she blames the supp JuliettexJustine: typical bad jung JuliettexJustine: ff JuliettexJustine: and report eve JuliettexJustine: get in the redemption JuliettexJustine: idiot JuliettexJustine: and you even dare to ping me JuliettexJustine: we lost because of you Post Game Lobby: JuliettexJustine: gg eve JuliettexJustine: worst jungle in euw JuliettexJustine: lol i bet she reported me JuliettexJustine: and ofc i will be the one to get the ban because riot Pre Game Lobby: JuliettexJustine: pyke jhin rip JuliettexJustine: i should've picked soraka In Game: JuliettexJustine: dude wait for me JuliettexJustine: you saw the herald right? JuliettexJustine: come after they did 2 towers, yes [All]JuliettexJustine: fizz afk [All]JuliettexJustine: he died once and he quit [All]JuliettexJustine: fk this game [All]JuliettexJustine: the only one eho carried left JuliettexJustine: oh yes i'm trolling JuliettexJustine: it's not like no one helped me the entire game JuliettexJustine: and you left an herald and 3 poeple bot JuliettexJustine: fun fact, sona can't 1 v 3 JuliettexJustine: maybe you didn't realize this JuliettexJustine: thx for the help [All]JuliettexJustine: when your team doesn't value the support and leave a squishy sona to 1 v 1 [All]JuliettexJustine: litterally they never waited me to come to lane [All]JuliettexJustine: and now mf afk [All]JuliettexJustine: ofc the adc is a whiny idiot JuliettexJustine: she's adc, she feels entitled to your creeps JuliettexJustine: because low elo players JuliettexJustine: they think supportsm are useless JuliettexJustine: lol Post Game Lobby: JuliettexJustine: low elo players in a nutshell JuliettexJustine: supports are useless JuliettexJustine: let's leave sona alone to 1 v 1 against jhin JuliettexJustine: and get mad when she gets one shotted Although there is some swearing and i called someone "idiot" and "bad" this kind of language is hardly to be considered "abusive" , on the other hand i was costantly getting spam pinged and insulted for the slightest mistake by players on those games, so i believe that the ban in highly unfair and that it should be revoked. And yes, i sent a ticket to Riot, but it's been 3 hours and i still haven't recieved an answer (except the blitzcrank bot, i requested a human as soon as i got the bot message)

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