That triggering moment when..

You have worked hard to climb to the promos.. You're one win in and the next game was a fair defeat.. This is your last shot in getting out of elo hell.. What happens? Your teammate picks a champion that puts your team in a disadvantage. Proceeds to flame in all chat because they counter picked themselves. Flame you because he's losing hes lane even though we tried to swap 2 times but he refused to leave hes lane. Then he proceeds to intentionally feed because he losing hes lane is apparently the junglers fault because ofcourse it's the junglers fault. Aaand to top it all off, goes afk in mid/lategame. Refuses to surrender while afking and flaming us and saying "I TOLD YOU WE'D LOSE".. This person took my promo away from me. Pushing me back right in that cozy slot in elo hell.. And people say: "you deserve your elo hell" Yep. It's my fault people counter pick themselves and afk.. I personally put them afk and made them flame in all chat.. I even forced them to counter pick themselves at gunpoint... How about no. Will i get my LP back and get a re-promo? No. Will this shithole get banned or at least punished for hes trolling? Absolutely not. Is this game fair? Not even close. Is life fair? Hah dream on. Will 99% of the lol forums laugh and point at this thread and just say "cry more"?.. Nope.. Nope? Yes. Nope. It's actually 100%. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Another day at the league.
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