Why are so many white knights on the boards?

If you say anything negative about riot you get instant -10 votes and Sodium Chlorite in the comments. Last time I checked the people who work at riot are humans and not gods so why are you treating them like one? Are you gaining anything from that? I want to talk about EUNE/EUW people in particular because these servers are on low priority by riot and they are down at least 3 times a year for no reason. Also you keep downvoting every elementalist lux related thread even though the people writing them are justified. The skin is delayed for a week for no reason, we wont get any compensation as always and they wont even put it on sale like they did in the past. You guys know how to take a dick like pros. Inb4 people clicking to downvote and leaving without any proper argument other than "they dont care about your opinion or you arent forced to buy the skin" and other shit.
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