Wrong pronoun discrimination in League of Legends

Hey Everyone! Welcome everyone, I would like to bring up a topic, that I'm sure most of you have to suffer from day by day and that's missgender within LoL. If you ask me I find it really disturbing and always get offended when people missgender me in game. The basic approach of LoL players is to call everyone he... Is this the stoneage yet? Or worse when they try to call everyone by their champions birth gender. How could we know how those champions identify? Riot never included in champion lores how they identify and what their pronouns are. I want to propose a potential solution. I think next to setting runes or masteries, there should be an option for setting your gender for the game. And when people hover over it ingame, It brings up the pronouns to use when addressing you. (And also the turkish and polish translations of them) It could be changable because gender is obviously fluid. For example my pronouns for today are 'int' 'intm' 'ints' 'ints' 'intself'. I played 3 games today and I'm shocked that noone has even asked for my pronouns... And they go by he or she without doubt. This needs to be changed. Please share your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Have a nice day guys, girls, [insert etc.]s
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