The Community is abhorrent in Bronze

Another day Another garbage bronze 5 promo Another set of trolls. It seems to be a running trend in Bronze 3-5 for there to be no communication or vindictive players out to ruin the game for whatever reason suits them at the time. Frankly i'm becoming sick of it all. The report system is no deterrent for the lower tiers as they have very little to lose if they are just there to ruin your game and it seems as though in every third or fourth game i run across the usual fare of idiots in the community. The ever so popular trio of "I wont communicate but will whine about that 1 gank you warned me about all game", "I'm the ADC therefore if you take 1 kill or any of my farm i will feed/afk" and "OMG you banned my uber favourite waifu jungler?! no ganks or drakes, gg games over." As a player who has a preference for solo queue play over pre-made teams i am finding getting out of bronze damn near impossible and outright infuriating. worse yet if i react like a normal human being who has pumped time and energy into reaching a promo only to have it wrenched away because the jungler couldn't have tryndamere i'll get the report! I've even seen a troll who intentionally stood in lane and complained about lag as a Nasus **Yet** his farming was immaculate with very little error in his Q stacking... and we cant prosicute him for feeding because he picked up a single kill and noted "see, i AM trying" Why isn't riot going through the ranked games with a fine tooth comb to get rid of these players? Its becoming harder and harder both not to flip my table and to escape this hell that is bronze
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