Elo Hell or Not?

I'm in a game where i was 4th pick and called supp/jungle, before that last pick said "enjoy the 4v5" and picked rammus, he is supposed to go jungle, but no, just picked tp and ghost and feed every lane intentional. Riot will act agains this players or not? What we are (or me) supposed to do? Keep watch? Can't climb due to this players? Oh my skill, I don't have knowledge, I don't deserve higher than Bronze, Silver, Gold because it is my fault. Since when? Last game (before this one) had one AFK, do something to this players, or at least, tribunal start act against them considering the reports. Was good, at least, if Riot implement a system like CS:GO where we can ban the player from the game... I'm not compare the games but this is just sick.
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