I do better playing alone than with my bestfriend.

* Alright, so me and my best friend play ALOT, we play together every chance we can no matter the game, and so obviously we have been playing league together for pretty much 90% of our time ( around 1200 hours ). * However, since ever i showed him tyler1 he has been trying to copy his jokes, it was funny at first when it was an actual joke ( he never really fed or anything but he would trash talk teammates and enemy team ). * Recently he has been seriously trash talking teamates and tilting them into losing, we could be going 15-0 and the moment one of our teammates dies he would call them trash, i told him to stop but he couldn't so i told him to /mute all everyone at the start of the game, since i have been doing that and it has helped me get better and think rationally. After i told him to mute all, he said he would do it but he didn't and after i caught him he told me that's how he has his fun, and to that i said i wanted to end gold this season since i'm starting to get into the competitive side of the game after i left cs go. * Now me alone, from what i have tested, my winrate when playing solo is 65-70%. but when playing with him, the winrate is around 40%. * I main mid and i generally do ok, i try to play objective and not die as much as possible. He mains adc and he always flames his support and ends up going 17/17, now 17 kills is a lot, but so is 17 deaths, he's also a jhin one trick pony. * Now, i'm sure i can get gold if i play solo, but i'm not too sure about climbing with him, recently i've been playing solo, i haven't lost a single solo game in the past 5 games, but as soon as i play with him, either the team tilts, or i tilt or everyone just tilts. * What do you guys think is the best way to tell him that i'm gonna be playing solo/duo alone now, we could always play flex but i'm afraid he would get salty.
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