i would like to report riots bot punishment system for discrimination and the support team

idc about my namecalling but i am diagnosed with autism i have had serious issues with bullies and depression, my therapist wanted to test something with me if i used the diagnoise aganst myself to try and accept it so it would hurt less or not in case ppl wanted to use it against me so i went along with it went in game got the assignment to use it against myself everywhere i felt suitable played very poorly and went along with what she said and since league is a big part of my life guess where i used it till i got a 14 day suspension for listening to my therapist and guess what riots support team TheGingerKiwi does discriminate against me cuz i have autism and listen to my therapists advice blindly, i feel like rito should get my 14 day suspension for discrimination cuz they ban an autistic boy listening to his therapists advice, i hope she will still want to help me cuz lol calms me down weird but true and im gonna blame her for my ban very hard

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