You know that feeling?

You know when you get matched with a lulu who goes 0-6 top before 10 minutes and youre like, "shoot, well i guess we all have bad games", and you queue up for the next match and you get intentionally losing adc who gives 5 kills for free before going afk and youre like "damn ,2 in a row? guess its one of those days ha ha", and you queue up for a match and get a jungler whos like "heyyy can i get top?" and the top is like "nah" and the jungler picks gragas and runs it down 3-13 while flaming top laner for not giving top to him and you start to feel like dropping deeper into a weird mandelbrot set zoom but instead of colours its just worse and worse matches, but you still feel like your luck will turn and you queue up for a match and your adc ragequits the game lvl 2 because dying to ganking jungler and youre like "What is life really?" and you queue up for a match and your yasuo goes 0-6 before 10 minutes and its really stressful and youre running out of hope but somehow you managed to win enough matches to get to your promos and you queue up and your toplaner is fresh lvl 30 unranked ryse who manages to die 14 times and you just decide to come to boards to vent out because the next match will be another cluster %%%% and the match making had done its job correctly by running your mental health into a full blown "bloody diarrhea from 17 different gaping assholes" - mode and you would just end up dropping N-bombs the whole match just to feel something and then you google "how does match making work lol" and you get an article by a dev called Riot Gortok whos like "we want fair balanced matches" and youre like "have you actually played the game in the last 2 years" and just close the client and watch a documentary about ritual murders because you need new ideas anyways? Thats the best %%%%ing feeling.
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