Make punishments harder earlier

Permabans are too harsh. Chat restricts do nothing. I suggest a ban for a day every time you flame, but this permanently stacks (12 hours per offence) so if you flame 5 times, and got banned 4, it goes (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) days. This is a far better punishment for flamers. Instead of restricting the amount of flame a person can produce, make flamers suffer earlier, so they reform. Chat restriction into 2 week ban is too sudden for anyone stupid enough to flame to comprehend. From: I can just spam pings at you To: Cya for 2 weeks, permaban next time I think that this will reduce flame because the flamers will learn there are consequences that really matter earlier, instead of being suddenly bitch slapped by the banhammer. However, if a player reachs a week ban time, it doubles, so the next ban is 2 weeks, then 4, then 8, so essentially permanbans. If a player reaches a 16 week ban, then they get permabanned. Thank you for your time.
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