Riots new Punishment System and the Victims.

I'm just going to put this out there. Ok, I am constantly seeing people on the player behaviour sub section of the boards claiming they have been falsely reported or falsely banned for nothing and they whine and complain about it. You obviously HAVE done something, you just never admit it. If you are banned, (i'm not sure on suspended someone give me insight on that) they give you key chat logs of why they have banned you, yet they are never shown in posts where people complain about it, and the only ones that have been shown are very toxic (shocking to me that someone has the mindset to speak to someone like that, then again people feel more power behind a screen than face to face) and yet the victim of the ban insists that is no reason to be banned, when it CLEARLY is. Riots new system has literally put a foot down harshly on the behaviour of players, and now people cannot get away from being toxic any more and that (as from what I can see) upsets people because they can't be cruel and hurtful to others on the game like they were before and when they do, they get the deserved punishment and yet still believe they do not deserve it. My personal story of punishments is literally a key evidential point. I have hardly ever flamed (and the only time I have done it was no where near what people on this game do for a chat ban, suspension or a permanent ban) and the only real punishment I have gotten is multiple low priority queues because of me sometimes giving up on games because of toxicity or just plain team-mate ignorance. Because of the flaming incidences, i got a notification that I was being put under review, that shut me up big time, and i was told later that i was lifted of review and i was fine then. Other than that nothing has arisen for a while. I DO NOT FLAME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, IT IS SOMETIMES HARD BUT I KNOW NOT TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN SUCH AS MYSELF LIKE THAT BECAUSE I KNOW THE PAIN OF WHAT IT FEELS TO BE TREATED LIKE PEOPLE TREAT OTHERS ONLINE BUT IN REAL LIFE (but this is not my life story, carrying on) I just wish people who have been banned or suspended or chat restricted, understand they have done wrong, and if there is no viable proof otherwise, they need to accept it and just move on, correct their ways and know their mistakes, like improving their gameplay in LoL. Rant over, now for a fun and light hearted poll !

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