Chat filter censors "macht" - but why?

I use the client, this forum, and anything else in English, for better "compatibility" with the rest of the world. However, I am after all German, and when I chat with German friends, I write German. Unfortunately, the word "macht" is filtered in the client chat, which is the German word for "makes" and also "do". As you can imagine, it is quite difficult to work around this, because many German phrazes include that word. I asked player support about it and they said "It is banned because it has been reported offensive in another language than German". While I figured that, I am struggling to find out which language that should be (because Google naturally does not understand me when I basically ask it "makes cuss word" respectively "macht schimpfwort"). In reply to my follow-up request for clarification, the support team member admitted they had no idea in which language it is offensive and suggested posting on the boards. So far, I have failed to find out. Using Google translate, I checked English, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and even those that would not even use the latin alphabet such as Greek, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The only sensible result was "Luxembourgish" where it means "product" or "brand", which is also not offensive. I am running out of options here. Maybe you guys know why it is considered offensive? if not, I suggest to unban that word, because after all, if nobody knows _why_ anything is prohibited, it should be allowed.
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