Permabanned. Do you consider it fair?

this is my riot support ticket. I admit, the first game i lost my shit. It's just annoying after 10+ games of constant trashtalkers and blamers who troll and run around taking your camps if you don't do what they want you to do. I really want your opinion on the matter, because I'm seriously having trouble seeing if this ban is fair or not. :) please enlighten me! I have manipulated a bit in the support ticket, pointing out what happened when as you can see in the chat log. Game 1 Milmer: 5 Milmer: bot scout red pls Milmer: tyone scout red pls Milmer: no Milmer: dont need m9 Milmer: mid push Milmer: dont go help then Milmer: them Milmer: waste opf time Milmer: ficl ,am Milmer: wd Milmer: aw Milmer: always bs lag spikes when im in a fight Milmer: love it Milmer: safer Milmer: they camping lol Milmer: u cant Milmer: fucking hate these kinda games Milmer: no chill Milmer: i just want to farm my jung lol Milmer: stop Milmer: fighting Milmer: all the time lol Milmer: yes Milmer: k lol (in this game i lost my shit, i know, i reacted kinda harsh) Milmer: gtfo %%%gots Milmer: and look at yourselfs Milmer: ? Milmer: gtfo Milmer: ahah Milmer: flamer kid Milmer: haha (at this point everybody was going crazy at eachother, calling eachother useless, flaming and talking shit. It really tilted me) Milmer: stop fkin blaming eachother Milmer: kids (as you see, i shouldn't have done that) Milmer: always blaming the jungler cus you all lsoe Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: i can tell you how much i give a shit Milmer: then ward Milmer: an dont push Milmer: ? Milmer: then dont push Milmer: its not my problem Milmer: lol Milmer: you need to gtfo? Milmer: shh Milmer: flamers Milmer: back adn def Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: keep chasing lol Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: dont talk to me Milmer: ragekid Milmer: hahaha Milmer: you people Milmer: you only whine Milmer: fucking play Milmer: pleasee?! Milmer: yeah im good right? Milmer: k Milmer: look at you Milmer: fucking flamer Milmer: 5/12 Milmer: and talking shit all the time Milmer: you too morg Milmer: you are all talking shit Milmer: and not actually playing Milmer: you misunderstand the point of this fucking gmae Milmer: stop talking shit Milmer: no Milmer: just Milmer: stfu Milmer: stfu and play Milmer: . (here our fiora writes in all chat to report me for flaming and assisting enemy team) Milmer: and then they try to get you banned for telling them not to flame you Milmer: gtfo morgana Milmer: toxic kid Milmer: you people only flame Milmer: and talk shit Milmer: please Milmer: dont use the chat Milmer: and focus Milmer: HEHE XD Milmer: keep flaming Milmer: trolling-. Milmer: beautiful Milmer: just talk shit Milmer: dont focus no Milmer: and report me ofc Milmer: dont forget my entire team was flaming me this game, accusing me for being toxic and flaming, and i assume they all reported me because the loss angered them. It gets annoying after a while when people constantly mock you and call you bad and don't really focus on the game. I really only displayed "toxic behavior" as you call it, when they talked shit to me. Explain this ban please, and don't give me the usual "you have been reported because you have consistently toxic over a long period of time". Game 2 Milmer: bot lane scout blue pl0x Milmer: 123 Milmer: this lee song Milmer: no leashererering Milmer: blue ward Milmer: ples Milmer: ty guise Milmer: noicce Milmer: fuck me (here i died) Milmer: lol Milmer: im autistic101 Milmer: man Milmer: im fucking tilted (some guy talks shit to me) Milmer: chill ma boi Milmer: its early game Milmer: we come back np Milmer: watch me <3 Milmer: stop whine Milmer: and play Milmer: dont tilt urself Milmer: still there lol Milmer: wp Milmer: ??? Milmer: lol k Milmer: then afk (brand flaming like a maniac) Milmer: any1 else muted brand lol? Milmer: drag Milmer: bois Milmer: daym Milmer: u gottem Milmer: wp Milmer: k this ez Milmer: im going tanky Milmer: after being an autistic player Milmer: hah Milmer: so fucking toxic lol Milmer: turjn Milmer: ty lol Milmer: troll more Milmer: let ez blue Milmer: brand. Milmer: let ez Milmer: if u want to win Milmer: sigh. Milmer: and toxic lol Milmer: yep Milmer: bait Milmer: pls Milmer: dont throw the lead Milmer: yo Milmer: dont be like this brand Milmer: im sry Milmer: but its riven. Milmer: tower Milmer: pls Milmer: chill ez Milmer: we need towers Milmer: lol Milmer: wtf Milmer: tower Milmer: team Milmer: just focus the turret Milmer: the throws lol Milmer: they goin for nas hlol Milmer: the throws hahaha Milmer: u can Milmer: do it Milmer: ashe ulted me Milmer: pls Milmer: tower Milmer: THRESH Milmer: AND BRAND Milmer: towerrsdasdawdaoi wmndawp odawdawpmd Milmer: lol Milmer: explain Milmer: u gettin baited Milmer: dont Milmer: ??? Milmer: got inhib turret tho Milmer: ult ez Milmer: ? Milmer: GO HARD Milmer: fuck Milmer: riven Milmer: kill her ¨ (riven tilts me) Milmer: spamming her fucking bs kit Milmer: srsly Milmer: riot nerf those cd's Milmer: fuck her Milmer: dont chase Milmer: OR MTHEY TURN Milmer: AWDO Milmer: DOKAW Milmer: WE NEED Milmer: OBJECTIVEKADAMWKDAW Milmer: AW Milmer: NONE OF U Milmer: GROUP MAN Milmer: GUYS WTF MNAN Milmer: we coulda taken inhib nman Milmer: u wanted to farm jungle Milmer: fuck riven (the enemy riven couldn't even see this, it was to my team) Milmer: riven players deserve ebola. Milmer: team Milmer: if u had the same sense Milmer: for objectives Milmer: we owoulda gotten 2 towers, and an inhib Milmer: please dont go farm after we win a tf Milmer: please Milmer: GROUP Milmer: and get something WORTH Milmer: fuck that Milmer: we cant Milmer: they WANT Milmer: us to fight them Milmer: . Milmer: look at ur score Milmer: and tell me Milmer: wtf you are trying to say Milmer: stop getting caught Milmer: keep getting caught Milmer: blame me Milmer: stop flame Milmer: ? Milmer: k Milmer: idc what you saty Milmer: blame me all day Milmer: thats all you can do Milmer: blame and rage Milmer: we cant baron lol Milmer: its over. why is it punishable to tell a toxic player to get the fuck of and not flame you? I'm not going on his level, i'm telling him that he's being toxic and that he should stop. Game 3 Milmer: no Milmer: bot scout blue pols Milmer: scout blue bot pls Milmer: 123 Milmer: ty Milmer: janna blue ward ty pls Milmer: TY LOL Milmer: ty Milmer: no q Milmer: on me Milmer: lol Milmer: she commited hard Milmer: let him Milmer: hehe xxd Milmer: quinn 4 longswords lol Milmer: omw Milmer: they just dissapeared wtf Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: they got pinks everywhere Milmer: play safer mid Milmer: why would u bot Milmer: when there is SUCH Milmer: a big wave top lol Milmer: thats worth like 3 kills lol Milmer: lulu. Milmer: that wasnt very smart tbh Milmer: stop talking shit fam Milmer: im a memelord Milmer: i will carry dw hehe xd Milmer: :O (another guy talking shit and blaming me) Milmer: toxic hehe xd Milmer: you have wards xd Milmer: ez fam Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: drag jinx help Milmer: and janna Milmer: no smite Milmer: watch me Milmer: shoulda come all Milmer: :/ Milmer: hehe xd (team flaming eachother and also me) Milmer: stop flaming fam Milmer: chill 1234 Milmer: sooo negative Milmer: heeh xd Milmer: gj Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: hehe xxd Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: 0/4 varus Milmer: takes red hehe xd Milmer: "idc" Milmer: hehe Milmer: hehe xd 123 Milmer: im 8/3 Milmer: better take my carrys red Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: people also stealing my jungle camps? Milmer: he doesnt care hehe xd Milmer: bad boi Milmer: not reportable lol jinx Milmer: just report him for passive aggresive (varus walked around, taking my jungle camps, calling me useless etc.) Milmer: varus Milmer: u can have my blue as well Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: me top Milmer: u def mid Milmer: varuserer Milmer: haha Milmer: this varus Milmer: also takes my kills Milmer: hes cheeky Milmer: "sorry nerd" Milmer: :/ Milmer: "get a some" Milmer: siege tho Milmer: we need towers famm Milmer: hehe xd Milmer: lulu Milmer: 3 ardents? Milmer: wat Milmer: hehe xd In this game my team was LITTERALLY running around taking my camps, with the sole purpose to troll and annoy me. Why do I have to suffer a permaban for telling people who blame me, flame me, talk shit to me to just shut the fuck up and play.apparently making fun of people who talk shit to you is also toxic. Milmer: "sorry nerd" Milmer: :/ Milmer: "get a some" After some games of toxic players that constantly blame and flame you it really gets to you. I'm not going to admit to being toxic in these chat logs, because if you knew what they told me, I think you wouldn't be so hard in your punishment.
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