Give the people the rewards they earned

So, season's ending, everyone suffered through ranked. Toxic people everywhere, AFKs, people that actually intentionally feed. Fun, ain't it? Some of those bad people got banned, did a crime and paid for it. Oh, well they also paid by getting their hextech disabled through the honor system. Cool. Who cares right? I got to that rank that's above gold that I wanted and I'm gonna get that victorious skin that'll make me happy and show that I achieved something. Psyche %%%%%, you ain't getting shit. Riot hates you and is taking away the reward you literally earned. Yep, suffer through ranked and don't even get the rewards. Now don't get me wrong, shitty people should get punished, but the ban is already a punishment, hell you lose hextech as well, but why the hell would Riot ever take away rewards that people earn. Personally I called someone the dreaded **_F_** word. Oh sorry, did I say call someone? I meant define their actions with that word. Oh but that's a bad word, right? Mom shoulda taught me better. Well they banned me for a week or two for it. I won't get into how bullshit that is. To me it is, wasn't really anything else I did in that game, just tell someone to stop acting like a %%%%% and play the game instead of crying to everyone. Except substitute %%%%% with the dreaded **_F_** word. Fine, couple weeks off the game won't hurt. Oh yeah... honor system... Took me six and a half months to get to 2/3rds of the first level, boom no more of that. (I will admit, the previous ban was fine, I deserved it.) And all of that progress gone. More than half a year and didn't even get back to level one. And we're back to the bottom. I'm somewhat fine with losing hextech, but the reward I got for pushing past gold, that sweet sweet victorious... whatever champion it's gonna be, come the %%%% on. I earned it. I already paid by getting banned. And losing hextech for more than half a year. Gimme a break, I get AFKs fairly often, people that genuinely feed, I haven't seen an enemy that did that in %%%%ing ages, yea play bad or something, plenty, get fed often, can't say I starve, but my team on the other hand. I get mad. I feel like the worlds out to get me. Riot specificaly. And I play top lane, Riven of all champions, no one gives a shit about me, or if they do, they just hate me. I have to get a pentakill, several quadrakills, or help a specific person multiple times for anyone to even consider honoring me. I mean come on, ranked is pain, it's ass, I enjoy the feeling of improving and stuff, but knowing that I won't get my end of the season ranked rewards is just... it makes me furious. It's unjust. I worked for them. Gimme gimme. I'm not talking about myself only, however much of an asshole someone is, they worked for it, that means they earned it. They can get banned, chat restricted, whatever. Don't care. But ranked rewards should stay there. In ranked. Not the %%%%ing shitty honor system. P.S. Honor system is a punishment system, not a reward one. You're neutral - you get rewards. You're above neutral - you get rewards. You're bellow neutral - rewards gone. Not something I care too much about, just how some stuff I see.
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