Something is definitely wrong here

I'm an ex D5 hardstuck player and I've never held myself up when it came to being an actual god. Stopped playing league for a couple of months and decided to play again because to some extent, League has always had a very competitive spirit. I went 4-6 in my placement matches and I had no problem with it cause I was climbing from G1 and I've done that every season with no problem... but. Ever since I finished my promos, my MMR should of been G1 to a little bit lower and maybe plat 3. I've OP.GG'd every single game that I lost and found out that as a G1 player, I was getting Diamond players in my games, even D2 players. Now obviously, I'm washed up from the brake I took but getting placed with people that were better than me to begin with, well, that's something else. My winrate atm is 42% and I believe that as you keep losing games, your MMR should also be going down and placing you with people that are obviously closer to lower elo. I've had one game where I was the only G1 in that game and the enemy team had all D2-D4 players. My team had mostly plat and that is obviously very unfair. The way I'd usually climb from Gold to Diamond, which i did 4 seasons in a row was that I'd be placed with the actual elo that my account was currently at. Now, I'm finally, after so many seasons of league, a hardstuck G1 player. I wouldn't have a problem with it because playing with better players usually means that you can try and get better yourself; but the most unfair part is that every game is just a complete stomp because my team is usually G1- Plat 4 and their team is diamond. So it doesn't matter if I put myself ahead in my lane because the rest of the team gets completely stomped and as much as it would be easier to outplay a gold player, when someone from diamond gets way more fed than you, you're pretty much done. Not even gonna talk about the fact that when your team gets stomped, they tilt and obviously, they don't really play the game anymore. It's not fun for me riot to stream this game, it's not fun for anyone that has to play vs people that are almost 2 ranks up. What is wrong with your system, Riot?
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