Remake is not enought! Riot do something!

I've just lost my first promo match to the next Division because someone in my team left! How are we supposed to rank up when someone in my team costantly leaves? It happened several times that someone in my team left during rankeds, usually they came back pretty fast enought to not ruin the game, but this time it didn't went like that, the enemy team did use his disconnect time to push as much as they could, they did use it! And I am not blaming them because it's a ranked so you want to win regardless the methods, just, I can't accept losing because we were 4vs5! I think that when in a ranked someone leaves, making their whole team lose, should take full responsability about his action, and all the consequences, for example, the member who left should lose all the LP that his team would have lost, and no one in the team should lose LP, just him, also you should not get your promo counted as lost in case someone left. I DON'T CARE if someone is going to abuse this or something, I am just sick of losing points because people feed or leave, I can carry a match where people feed, but I can't carry a 4vs5!
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