Chat Should Really Be Optional, At Least Disabling The Sound

Since most of the players are just over reacting and venting because of real life problems in the game chat which is supposed to be used to communication this just takes your attention off of the goal of the game. Feels like the quality of players is just going down by and I don't mean that as I'm getting bad players on my team, just to be clear with it I'm ok with that and I understand not everyone can be the very best but flaming is unacceptable and reports are used without reason. The reason why I asked for the ability to turn off the SFX from the chat is because you can't turn it off without actually turning off ALL of the game's SFX which doesn't make the game as fun. So please, do something about the out dated chat or report system, renew it or copy it from dota where people get a set number of reports each week which encourages people to use it more wisely and not just hand it out for something petty like a ping or a given up first blood.{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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