~10 years, 800+ € and a lot gaming hours later

After a long term of thought I just feel responsible to write some stuff here so.. here goes (long text inbound) I am 28 years now and the first game in LoL I had was when the client was in Beta, when there was Yi killing everything and soraka having her Q starfall targeting everything around her. Since then I played almost daily on my one account I had. Lately I don't play that much anymore, but it was like a ritual for me waking up - making a cup of coffee - playing a warming round of LoL to get fully awake. I got banned I think 2x for a week each on my account (ofc deserved) and after the 2nd time I just decided to disable all chat. That was like a magic buff for me. All that all chat halfway toxic behaviour that always triggered me was gone and i had my peace. In real life I am more of a calm and helping person because even if there are assholes in real life, you can talk to them and tell them "stop the bull*** or I make you." On the web this is a bit harder to deal with humiliating people like taunting enemys after they kill you endlessly or teammates making ironic comments about you being a bad player. I am easily triggered by that sadly but I got better dealing with it over the years. The reason my account got now permanently banned is because of my own stupidity. Post-Game-Chat. I thought there was no reporting for Post and Pre game chat so I could at least get a bit of my anger off by saying post game what I thought about the other team. Inexcusable, I know. Past game text was "i hope i never get bad trash as this lux or draven in my team". Reason why I wrote that would just be more excuses, but the text before (ingame) is not worth mentioning. I just badmouthed kayle as champ "kayle sux anyway" and was pissed that my team didn't surrender (............ what a waste of time). Anyway, I think the policy of Riot with the zero flame tollerance is completly understandable. The game was a sinking ship in Beta with that hardcore flame going on at early times. It was just crazy what kind of **** was said back in past without any punishment. But while I understand riot going with that zero tolerance in their games I disagree personally. Every human has some anger. Every player that plays LoL for some time ranked builds up anger and negative emotions. The thing is - if there is zero tolerance to absolutely everything, the "feelings" for the players don't vanish. It builds up and explodes somewhere else (family, friends, wife) and it's no concern of Riot, but it should be in mind of the company. If they are fully going for the zero tolerance policy I hardly suggest riot to completly disable the chat. It's completly useless with all the ping options anyway. why make a post game chat even? If you want to write something to someone you can add him after the game. Why the pre game chat? You can pre-pick everything and you have your lane roles. Maybe with the strategic swapping it could be a bit in the way but ok. Don't think there is too much to flame about in pre game chat. While the ingame chat itself is completly useless. everything is pinged and linked this days. Every time I read something in chat it could be pinged or just ignored. Mostly there is no time for socializing ingame anyway. It just tends to distract players. I guess thats everything I wanted to leave here. Im not the type to make 2nd accounts so I just have to find another morning Ritual. Wish you guys from riot all good and I hope the game keeps running a few more years at least. _**Kiddos, watch out! your post and pre game chat will get you banned aswell!**_ :P sorry for gramas and language mistakes I might edit some fails I find later (was in a bit of a rush to post)
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