Honor gains shouldn't decay when playing with premades

Hello everyone! I _hope_ this is the right section, as I couldn't find a suggestions board anymore (that was a sneaky change). So, lately I got an honor ribbon again, and I'm glad, but it makes me scared to play with my friends. How so? Well, it is a fact that the ribbons are gained and kept if one has a steady flow of honors. Naturally, when I play with my friends, they don't honor me, so this steady flow gets interrupted. That's how I lost my ribbon the first time, in fact. There are times when I want to play with people I know, and I may go days, even weeks without playing with randoms. I'm pretty sure this hurts my honor rating a lot, and it doesn't make sense to essentially punish people for playing with friends. I suggest therefore, that games with 2-4 premades shouldn't count when calculating eligibility for honor ribbons. Any opinions?
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