My ban - 10 games chat restriction

Yo, what's up So I jsut wanted to share my chat logs with you so I can spread a message: never flame. I could have not get that ban, I was friendly most of the times in the game but, there were moments that I deserved that ban. I really want to ask sorry from the Annie that I wished her to die. This is awful. I really don't know how I got to that point to wish something awful like that. Anyways, here are the chat logs: >Game 1 Kaloutsidis69: it is warded Kaloutsidis69: it is waded here: Kaloutsidis69: ok I shut up Kaloutsidis69: UNMUTE Kaloutsidis69: I wont spam again Kaloutsidis69: promise Kaloutsidis69: why me? Kaloutsidis69: HAHAHAHHA >Kaloutsidis69: You friccin niBBas All fine till this point. Nothing bad. You might asking why I said the last phrase. Well, there was a guy on the enemy team who told me that he watches dank memes and it is very common to say things like that. I don't think that I offended anyone. Even tho I used B's >Kaloutsidis69: toy moynioy ths manas s eimai syggenhs >Kaloutsidis69: gamw ti mana s Here, I am flaming my premade friend for doing some dumb shit lol. He didn't get offended. We are friends irl and we do that all the time >Kaloutsidis69: :) Kaloutsidis69: Thresh why did you E them to me Kaloutsidis69: Jesus Kaloutsidis69: you should have E away Kaloutsidis69: okay Kaloutsidis69: noc gank bot Kaloutsidis69: blitz is awful Kaloutsidis69: HE BLOCKED IT Kaloutsidis69: omfg Kaloutsidis69: and come bot >Kaloutsidis69: gj Asking Noc to gank, telling him that enemy blitz is awful (didn't hit even 1 hook) >Kaloutsidis69: annie jsut play safe >Kaloutsidis69: I cant believe that Well, giving some advices to Annie because she was feeding >Kaloutsidis69: why did we recall >Kaloutsidis69: omfg Blaming myself and Thresh for recalling, which resulted to losing our tower. Nothing special, we won lane anyways. >Kaloutsidis69: guys dont flame >Kaloutsidis69: we will in if u start loving each other Uhm, trying to bring some peace to my team because they were flaming at each other. >Kaloutsidis69: Nocturne reported Kaloutsidis69: negative attitude >Kaloutsidis69: annie for inting That was dumb from my side. I know. Nocturne was giving up and flaming that's why I decided to say that. My bad >Kaloutsidis69: we can >Kaloutsidis69: if u %%%%ing shut up and stay together My answer to Noc's "we can't win" >Kaloutsidis69: Nice q Kaloutsidis69: idiots Kaloutsidis69: ANNIE REPORTE >Kaloutsidis69: idiot We lost a teamfight. I started flaming. Don't ask why, I am so f@@@ stupid >Kaloutsidis69: I need 2 more items Kaloutsidis69: and your protection Kaloutsidis69: and we win Kaloutsidis69: love u too <3 Kaloutsidis69: nice Kaloutsidis69: wow Kaloutsidis69: annie Kaloutsidis69: dont go there >Kaloutsidis69: sure Trying to communicate with my team. Teamfight incoming in some seconds. >Kaloutsidis69: Annie I hope your family dies in a car accident Kaloutsidis69: you %%%%ing piece of trash Kaloutsidis69: 1/11 IN RANKED Kaloutsidis69: I SUCK BUT YOUR MOM SWALLOW Kaloutsidis69: shut up kid you are muted Kaloutsidis69: kwloellhna Kaloutsidis69: na pe8aneis Kaloutsidis69: gamw ta nekra soy >Kaloutsidis69: to moyni ths manas s karkino eixe kai vghkes etso And that's the reason I got banned probably. I said the worst thing I ever could. I really feel bad for saying that. I was also being toxic in Greek if you are wondering what are these weird words >Kaloutsidis69: start it Talking about dragon >Kaloutsidis69: finally We won a teamfight >Kaloutsidis69: athina giati file m Kaloutsidis69: all mid Kaloutsidis69: Jax giati eisai top Kaloutsidis69: giati Kaloutsidis69: giati ekanes throw Kaloutsidis69: its o uys Kaloutsidis69: guys stay safe Kaloutsidis69: thresh come on Kaloutsidis69: one last fight Kaloutsidis69: annie git ur r Kaloutsidis69: back all Kaloutsidis69: thresh lets do it Kaloutsidis69: thresh... Kaloutsidis69: why >Kaloutsidis69: bad game Talking with Jax who was Greek too. I was asking Thresh to help us because he was literally trolling. Running to the enemies and placing wards from his support item. I feel kinda bad for my team AND myself. I was honorable most of the time but I was also very toxic. I deserved that ban. I hope you have a good day/night.
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