Are lower ranked players more toxic?

So I'm currently in Bronze 1 due to the new flex queue, the first time I've ever been in bronze since playing the game. I'm not particularly good, I hover around Silver 1 - 3 typically, and havent quite cracked gold yet. I've been playing a few games in the new queue though, and there seems to be a lot more flaming etc than I'm used to. For example, I just played syndra in a game, vs a lucian, jax, amumu, leona, and galio. The game dragged on for like 40 minutes I think, and from about 30 minutes onwards, I was given a barrage of abuse from out 12/3 volibear jungle for apparently 'being useless' and 'dealing no damage' Now, at this point, there were 2 ga's on jax and lucian, and the other 3 had visages, etc, so basically I was unable to burst anyone. Voli decides he's 'bored' at this point and just throws the game, afk farming and letting the enemy win. He also missed a couple of crucial smites, and flamed me in chat for 'not picking up baron/dragon with syndra w' which isn't even possible. We get back to the end screen, turns out he dealt the least damage in the game (our team at least) but he continues to flame, putting a lot of focus on his kda etc. So, my question, are people in lower elo's more toxic? The last few games I've had it certainly appears to be the case, more afk's and trolls playing recently than before when I was in silver. And yes, I know silver is still 'low elo', but I just cant really be bothered being met with so much abuse for practically no reason at all when Im just trying to play the game. Sorry for the long post! Thoughts? Yellow
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