Riot's scam

Edit This thread is not to start arguements so please refrain from being a small minded person just looking to start one as you wont find it here So this discussion is for the people banned in the recent banwave Ok ive been banned before in the past for verbal reasons. I said to report an incredably toxic player 5 times in a 50 minute game so I got a 2 week ban, fair enough. This recent ban I was banned due to not buying riot points and a few months (this could be the only reason). I have 5 accounts that I play on, every account has the same programs running in the background such as amd gaming evolved, antivirus and and so on but out of every account only the account that had about £500+ spent on it was banned after I had stopped spending money on it (I play with the same programs on every account and everything is on riots ok list. They say its due to 3rd party programs so ive been trying to sort this out with support tickets and seeing whats going on but all ive recieved is copy paste responses saying ive used 3rd party programs and my ban will stay in effect So who else in the recent banwave stopped buying RP i the last 2-3 months? Trying to see if this is a genuin mistake or if its a aeriagames type scam.
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