How to handle this?

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I had a promotion to plat4 . I played azir . Like u see we lost it . But the worst thing is the game process . In lobby our blitz was autofileld , this guy had 4th rank mastery on blitz and still was crying that he will troll .He was right. He went trolling on third minute . He left botlane and was farming mid and even toplane .He was 3lvl when ezreal and me were 6 already .He didnt ward or smth like that . He has the lowest graph of wards placed . He was dismoraling us whole game , i was premade with ezreal and he said that blitz was jsut standing and grabing air ( he used q wrong way all the time non-stop and loosing mana ) . U know why I am mad about blitz and not akali ? Bcs akali was just feeding and not dismoraling , blitz was trolling and loosing game on purpose . He was /ff every time it was enabled . Like , i know that i can mute him but what can i do if he loose my game? Nobody was blaming him , he was jsut mad bcs of autofill . So now think about it . Riot made him mad or he is jsut bad player? How can i handle this ? How to play after this? I know he will be not punished ( but we reported him for verbal and negative ) Pls help me to stop tilting in this game . I want to play , not reading shit about me and my life , i want to enjoy game not suffer from feeders and trolls . How can i be positive player after this? Trolls make me salty and toxic but I know that I will be punished for toxic but trolls will be not punished. It's not fair guys {{item:3151}}

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