Getting Hate for reaching Dia as a Support

Hey there, Lately,I reached Dia again- with mostly playing Nami and Sona. And Since then many players started flaming me when I lose lane or dont play that good on a new champ I want to practice more.. (in normals ofc. dont try new stuff in rankeds guys! :D ) Even some guys in my friendslist became a bit salty towards me . Most comments I get look something like : _Dia 4 and 0 Lp,typical.._ _Only girl Champs LOL _ I mean , I intend to climb further.But I dont want to grind more LP while my final exams are around the corner. People tend to forget that ranked really is time consuming.. And yes,I actually Like playing support. I also Like ADC and MID a lot, but there are so many more interesting aspects to support-gameplay I enjoy, especially in ranked. **Are supports somehow less worthy **of a good rank? Thanks for reading. Gl&Hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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